My Journey As An Artist and Writing a Blog About It

(Mastering the self doubt and overcoming the fear)

“Write a Blog?? Me?!” 

According to the experts, to increase my social media following as an artist I have to Blog.

Putting my art out there is hard enough – it’s like baring my soul on canvas but now I have to write about it too…?! (cue ‘freaked out’ emoticon).

So I ask, what on earth am I going to write about? Then after a lot of pondering I have a flash of inspiration.The only thing I can write about is my art, my journey as an artist aspiring to greatness (or something!).

I have had many difficult days on this journey – you know the ones… that voice in your ear that starts to whisper, “You can’t do this, who do you think you are?” “Yes, people say they like your work, you’ve even sold some”, the voice in your ear goes on… “But that’s mostly to people you know, you’ll never be taken seriously in the art world”.

Mastering the self doubt and overcoming the fear is not easy.

Depending on the day / my mood / the weather or some random outside influence I do sometimes doubt that my work is ‘good enough’, that I am good enough. Especially to make it as a serious artist which is what I want to be.
With. All. Of. My. Heart.

Reaching a Turning Point

Then yesterday I had a turning point thanks to the ‘Art Juice * podcast by two British artists Louise Fletcher and Alice Sheriden. When reminiscing about her own journey, Louise said she had had a sudden realisation that she didn’t have to be the best artist in the world – just the best artist she could be. Wow. It might appear to be a simple concept to you but to me on that day, in that moment, it was profound. I was an ‘ah-ha’ moment. An emotional one.

I have tried to stop comparing myself to anyone. To stop wishing I can’t paint like so many of the artists I admire and started to try creating like ME. The best of me. I have battled on and I have achieved some success… and it is growing and I am thrilled. Yet still that whispering voice can be heard in the distance, calling softly and I have to remind myself that I only have to try my best.


… but… “What if your best isn’t good enough…?” asks the whispering voice.

Me: (“Scream!”)

*  Reference: Art Juice, Episode #2, “Is Making Art Selfish?”