How to Benefit from Creating and Appreciating Art

This was my first LIVE interview on Facebook. I was so nervous beforehand but ended up having so much fun!

“For me, art is soul food” – Sara Siân

The fabulous and inspiring brand motivator, photographer and videographer, Naomi Estment interviews myself and fellow artists Nicky Thomson and Isa Dor.

The three of us provide some background information on our art journeys and what it means to each of us and then we share some insight into how others can tap into their creative side.


If, like me the thought of being on camera is something that sets your knees knocking then take a look at Naomi’s FREE ‘Rock That Camera’ course where she shares some really valuable insights in making you feel and look more confident on camera. Then as she says, you can be on your way to becoming the ‘star of your brand!’. Not sure if I am quite there yet but her tips certainly helped me to feel more comfortable. Check out her free course here, I highly recommend it.

  I hope you enjoy the video – I would love to hear your thoughts and don’t forget to sign up to Naomi’s ‘Rock That Camera’ course!