Top tips for unpacking, handling and framing your new print

So you have ordered your print and it’s on its way. Here are some top tips for unpacking, handling and framing your new print to ensure that it stays in pristine condition.

I will have carefully rolled the print in acid free tissue paper and it will have been shipped to you in a tube.

  • Make sure that you give your hands a really good wash so that they are nice and clean when you handle your print.
  • Carefully remove the print from the tube by gently pulling on the tissue paper.
  • Slowly unroll your print. Where possible, try to only touch the edges. You may need two people for this bit. The print will want to curl back up but don’t worry.
  • Have some tissue or a clean sheet of paper at the ready on a clean surface and place the print image side down. Place some books on the back of the print and leave overnight. 

** Check your print in the morning and it should now be flat. If not, leave it under the books for a bit longer.


  • The print has a 5cm border and each one is unique with its hand drawn or gold leaf element(s).
  • Your Certificate of Authenticity will be in the tube with the print. Sometimes it will need a little shake to come out.
  • Both your print and certificate of authenticity have been embossed with a unique motif and have a hologram sticker. (The Hologram System from Hahnemuhle allows me to protect the genuineness of my limited edition artwork and reduces risk of forgery).

Time to Pop It In a Frame

  • Make sure you get it framed behind glass so that it is protected. There are so many frame options you could go with – try and select one that compliments the artwork but also suits your furniture and decor. A couple of examples of how I have chosen to frame them are below.

    NOTE: If you are taking the print to a framers then don’t worry about flattening the print – they will do all of this for you 🙂